November 27, 2012



§     Which newspaper’s website was blocked by China on 26th October 2012?

New York Times    (After the paper published Chinese Prime Minister’s Wen Jiabao’s wealth has amassed assets worth $2.7 billion through a web of investments)

§  Which two countries announced the launch of nuclear negotiations for a civil nuclear deal?

India and Australia

§  An arrest warrant was issued by which court against Mohamed Nasheed?

Maldivian court (after he questioned legitimacy of a special court to try him on charges of abuse of power while he was in office.)

§  Which countries parliament dissolved for 6th time in five years?


§  The Reserve Bank which rolled out new bank notes bearing the face of the country’s first black President marking it as a tribute to him?

South Africa

§  Which ministry rejected the Indian Navy's proposal to set up a missile-testing site in Andaman and Nicobar islands?

Environment and ecology

§  Ministry of rural development on 3 October 2012 started a campaign named?

Nirmal Bharat Yatra

§  The Election commission on 27 Sep 2012 directed Political Parties and candidates to avoid?

Birds and Animals

§  Who was appointed as the Chairman of the five member senior selection committee of BCCI?

Sandeep Patil

§  Which state’s Deputy Chief Minister resigned on 25 September 2012 after the alleged corruption charges on him in awarding irrigation projects when he was state's water resource minister?

Maharashtra (Mr.Ajit Pawar)

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